Momentum 2012 – Day 1 – Evening meeting

27 Aug

So, this is the first of, potentially, 17 blogs (!) on the various seminars and main meetings I went to at this year’s Momentum.

And the first evening’s speaker was Danielle Strickland and she was speaking about fear.

Sadly my brain was not quite as in gear as it could have been, so the only notes I took were after the meeting and consist of 3 short comments:

  • Being caught in fear
  • Fighting through fear
  • Being set free from fear

The general gist of her talk was that fear can gain a stranglehold on our lives and restrict us from being the people that God wants us to be. As is her style, Danielle spoke through stories of personal experience and the experience of others she has worked with. She mentioned a time when on a mission trip a woman was so terrified of giving her testimony that she had to be held up by each arm to not fall down and that all she said was “Jesus loves me” (or a couple of sentences to that effect) and then passed out! Also, on that same trip, a woman who has a fear of heights (and water, I believe) decided that she was going to conquer both fears by jumping off the 10 meter board at a swimming pool, but then had a Mr Bean moment when she looked down and so decided to climb down, despite standing there for some time and having nearly the entire swimming pool cheering her on!

Danielle told us that so often we can find that fear stops us from doing what God wants us to do, whether that’s because we are afraid of looking stupid, being rejected, getting it wrong, failure and so on. This can mean that the ministry that God has set before us will be restricted by fear.

I know for me that this had quite a marked impact on me when I was 14/15 and competing at the high jump for my school. I had managed to jump as high as 1.45 metres during 1 season, but then had a break of about a month and when I came back to compete I couldn’t get above 1.35 metres. For some reason whenever I went for anything higher I was always putting my hand out and knocking the bar over! I don’t know what caused the fear, but it stopped me from going any further!

The problem is that when fear gets a grip it can so often move beyond the initial problem and infect many other areas as well. this will slowly stunt us in 1 area and then lead to us doubting our abilities and gifts in other areas. You can very often see it in sportsmen and women who come back from injury, where they are afraid to stretch their recently healed muscles for fear of damaging them again and very often this can lead to them very quickly forgetting the other parts of their performance and they can very quickly disappear from a sport that they may well once have been the greatest at.

When it comes to areas of ministry, so often we are called to step out in faith and follow God’s calling. Yet we can very often find that if something doesn’t go the way we thought it would we can start to doubt ourselves and what we believe God is telling us to do. If we let this fear control what we do and where we go in our ministry then it may have very real eternal consequences for those that God might be calling us to witness to.


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