Mission and Ministry in schools

8 Feb

Just realised that this post, from 8/2/14, hasn’t been posted. It is notes from an diocesan schools work conference.

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James 3:1
CofE – provides activities for 407,000 under 16s
1 in 4 primary and 1 in 16 Secondary schools are CofE schools, nearly 1 million pupils.
Chelmsford has 140 schools, around 30,000 pupils.
Christian teachers change lives – introduce Christ
A Christian teacher could be the only experience of Christianity, Jesus and the Bible that a child has in their lives.
45% of teachers leave teaching during their first 5 years.
Churches need to recognise who has the skills to support schools. It shouldn’t just be the clergy. Look for what skills people have, not what they don’t have.
Churches also need to look to support the teachers in the congregation, maybe not asking them to be involved in Sunday School but letting them receive and recharge to prepare for going back to school on the Monday.

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Reality check – where are you at?
Revelation – what works for you?
Ready to go – what is your dream for the future?

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Is the criticism of Church involvement in schools valid?
NSS document – Evangelisation rather than education?
What is it about the gospels that make us want o go into schools?
Two views of education
– Moral education in a secular society (1974) – Paul Hirst
Christian teaching is a nonsense, there is no such thing as Christian maths.
– “A man that looks on glass, On it may stay his eye; Or if he pleaseth, through it pass, And then the Heaven espy” – George Herbert

There is no such thing as neutral!
“Listen to the revolutionary granny telling stories” (poster from China, 1965)
Bookseller of Kabul (Asne Seierstaf, 2001)

Kingdom Theology
The Christian faith informs how church schools approach education and the values they hold.
YouTube – The classroom and the Kingdom of God

Spiritual DNA: you were born for this – Acts 17
Charles de Foucauld – living out the Kingdom in his life

“What motivates Christian educational practitioners” – D17

How would you express your reason for doing what you do in Christian terms?
How would you express it without using Christian language?

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Faith in Schools presentation

Recommended resource – Truetube (wwe.truetube.com)
(I have written very little else as I work with Faith in Schools and knew most of what was spoken about in the presentation)

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Havering Schools Outreach presentation

Praying for your schools is key
Be clear about who you are and what you are doing
Be a constant for young people in school
Learn to serve your school, learn their ethos

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Being a Christian witness in a secular and multi faith society

2 differences about Christianity
1 – Divinity of Christ
2 – Certainty of salvation

Religion is the only thing that speaks to every human’s deepest fear – death. If you are confrontational towards a person’s faith then they will react as though you are attacking their life after death.

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Help! We have a school in our parish!

We tend to do much better by not doing certain things than doing other things.

We don’t need to “DO God”, God is already there.

It’s about supporting the education of the children, not about preaching eternal damnation on sinners!

God converts, we don’t have to expect to see a “return” on our effort because it will all happen in His time. We are merely a channel for Him to move.

Multi-faith approaches can often mean that rather than no one getting a chance everyone gets a chance, including Christianity!

Get the school bulletin to keep informed about what is going on in the life of the school.


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