Youthwork Conference 2014 #YC14 – Friday Big Room

14 Nov

Welcome to my (sort of) live blog for this weekend in Eastbourne

And so, after a delay caused by some “fun” on the M25 the Youthwork Conference is finally up and running!

We start by meeting the hosts, Damien and Dot, who run us through some “Would you rather” scenarios and then ask us to share the best highlight of our last 12 months in youth ministry.

Damien then prays and we then are introduced to some guests.
First up are Phil and Helen, part of the planning group for Conference, talking about what they do and how much they appreciate the feedback they get from delegates. They also encourage and enthuse us about the work we do, that we believe in Jesus and young people and that we will strive to never give up on young people, even if the Church does.

We then have a time of worship, led by Beth Croft.

We then have Charlotte giving us some info on Moorlands College, then adverts for the various things going on, including places to pray, to meet and so on.

We then have a time to chat with those around us about the young people that we work with and pray about them, followed by some more sung worship.

Damien then introduces us to our speaker for this evening, Tamsin Evans from Pure Creative Arts.
We start with some spoken word, speaking about all the different experiences of youth workers and the thoughts that often go through our minds.
Tamsin then starts by reminding us how amazing God is, reading Psalm 106:1-2, and speaks about how this speaks of what happened when God brought Israel out of Egypt.
Then we look at verses 7 and 13-14 and how they forgot who God was and what He had done.
Tamsin asks how often, when things seem impossible, do we forget where to look and simply give up. She speaks about her own experiences working with people who had problems that God had put on her heart to work with, and how very often she had no idea how things were going to work out. She says that God doesn’t ask us to know the outcome, only that we look to and trust in Him.
We then see a piece of movement-oriented drama showing and expressing what some young people can experience at home.
Tamsin then reminds us that when we may see the troubles of the young person, God sees the pearl, the gold, what the young people can become. She talks about an experience of working with young people and how God can break through into situations that can seem desperate.
Tamsin then points us to the story in Matthew 14 where Peter walks on water with Jesus. She points out that as long as Peter looked at Jesus he was able to do the impossible. But as soon as he took his eyes off Jesus it started to go wrong because Peter forgot who he was trusting in.
Tamsin then shares a story of a lady who was miscarrying but who, after Tamsin and others had prayed, went from being a certain miscarriage to being the mother of a healthy baby girl. God is a God of the impossible, we need to remember this so that we get out of the rut and step out onto the water in our ministries.
There is then another movement-based piece, speaking about how often we can reach out for God and then find we stop ourselves from reaching out and struggle to break free from what holds us back.
Tamsin asks us to looks to God to reveal what is holding us back in our lives and ministries.

We then have another time of sung worship as we respond to what God is saying to us.

And that’s it for the first part. More tomorrow!


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