Youthwork Conference 2014 #YC14 – Saturday seminar 1

15 Nov

Ok, so started a bit late today (who tries to get youth workers up for a 9:15 start?!) but now made it to the first seminar session: Help yourself to help your youth. The seminar is by Chris Kidd and Helen Godwin.
The basic premise of this seminar is about making time for our relationship with God so that out of that we are able to do His will in our youth ministry.
We have to be aware of our situation, our family “status” and recognising that no matter what we are doing, we need to be aware of when we are doing too much, so that we can make sure we are able to do Sabbath. And we need this not to tick a box but because of the benefits it brings to who we are and how we do youth work.
We need to remember that we don’t start with lots to do, but with 1 big “Done!” From God.
Who is in control, God or us? Are we trying to do as much as we can or are we responding to do what God calls us to do? Are we following in God’s sustainable rhythms for our life?

We need to take care of our physical well-being with:
– Sabbath
Would we accept someone who preaches about adultery and then says that they haven’t managed to keep to it? Why do we accept it when they don’t take Sabbath?
– Sleep
– Exercise
– Healthy eating
Too much tuck shop, McDonalds and pizza?

We need to take care of our mental well-being
We are designed to take stress, but also to release it, like a spring. Too much stress at once can break us.
We need to:
– strengthen “the spring”
– develop our support networks
– understand and reduce the stresses on us
– remember that emotions are not bad

What does spiritual well-being look like?
– Where do you worship and feed?
If we are always out with the young people then where do we go to connect with God?
– Where do our youth worship with the whole body of Christ?
If they don’t this can lead to a disconnect between them and the Church.
– Can we see transformation still occurring in our own lives?

A lightbulb moment – youth workers need to rediscover the theology of laziness


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