Youthwork Conference 2014 #YC14 – Saturday seminar 3

15 Nov

This seminar, a cheat (I hope) for those of us needing creative ideas for our youth work, is by Phil Knox and Nathan Iles called “50 ideas in 50 minutes”.
The aim of the session is to have people share their ideas to offer the rest of us ideas to help our youth work.

Nathan starts by offering the idea that you remember something about a young person, which can help either remembering names or at least who they are.
Phil offers a game called ninja – 5 ninja actions, 3 leaders, winner is the one who doesn’t match the 3 leaders actions to the end (those that do sit down).

Then they open it up to the rest of us! Here’s what the seminar came up with:
Use sound effects to get the attention of the kids/young people.
MinuteToWinIt –
Hit The President – Can use more than 1 bodyguard.
Icebreaker – frozen t-shirt in an ice cream tub, frozen in the freezer. Winner is the first person to whack the t-shirt out of the tub and put it on!
Video – Prodigal by Bath YFC –
Paper boats on a tray of water, YP blow their boat across the tray. When all doing it, hit the tray very hard to splash YP with water.
1, 2, 3, 4 – 1 – hold finger up, 2 – hold palm out, 3 – put finger in opponents palm, 4 – pull your finger away while trying to grab your opponent’s.
Sardines in the dark with snipers – should be easy to do from the description!
Youth specialties –
Musical chairs death – musical chairs with dodgeball gauntlet run. If you make it without being hit then you are still in.
Parents evening.
Pictionary using Paint and a big screen.
Giant knickers race – buy giant knickers, have 1 person in each leg, have a race!
Donuts dangled from pieces of string, eaten without hands, some tied too high.
Variations on Uno.
Jelly Baby ruler of death – jelly babies on a ruler. Ruler hit. Try to get jelly baby in bucket or in someone’s mouth.
Foam on the face and then throw wotsits at the face. Highest number wins.
Variations on the calls in Zip, Zap, Boing.
Donut eating, but lace some of them with mustard!
Evang-cube –
Strawberry Lace races (see who can eat a strawberry lace the fastest), extreme strawberry lace races (tie 2 strawberry laces together and see who can get to the not first – Lady and the Tramp style), super extreme strawberry lace races (extreme plus blindfolds) and mega super extreme strawberry lace races (extreme plus blindfolds and projectiles from leaders).
Fruit salad.
Chocolate spread in (clean) nappies. Winner is the fastest to lick the chocolate spread up!
Potato polo – potato as a ball and potato tied to your waist by a long piece of string. Swing your potato to hit the ball-potato.
Rubber bands and a pumpkin – the pumpkin will explode at around 200 elastic bands!
Meet with fellow youth workers in your area.
Mop hockey.
Fear-pong – like beer-pong but disgusting stuff (custard etc) instead of beer.
Binball – like netball but with a bin being held by a member of the opposing team at either end.

We actually reached 81 ideas. Those of you that have been counting will realise I didn’t write down all of them, but those that I could explain I have.

Another resource is where hundreds of games and ideas have been stored.


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