Youthwork Conference 2014 #YC14 – Sunday Big Room

16 Nov

Ok, so here we are for the last session of the weekend. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, will be speaking to us. He is currently being accosted for selfies by people (a rant for another day) as the theatre begins to fill up.

Damian and Dot start things off, again plugging next year’s conference. They also give us the phone number to send questions to ++Justin as part of this session. But first some sung worship, led by Beth Croft.

After praying for ++Justin we are reminded of the pain in the world with the news of another hostage murdered by ISIS and have a moment of silent prayer for his family and those who mourn his death.

++Justin starts by asking who paid out of their own pocket to be at Youthwork Conference, and then says that they shouldn’t. “If you are taking youth work seriously then you need to pay for it…you don’t do it on the cheap”
He thanks us for what we do as youth workers. Youth workers are the key part of work on the front line.
“We are what He made us to be” – Ephesians 2:10
Justin speaks about how his grandfather was a professional soldier and how there were 2 ways to do things, peace-time and war-time. And in war-time we need to realise that we need to give it everything we have. We are in a spiritual war, we need to give God everything.
We need to be prepared for what being a Christian actually means, the potential for being hated by the world, suffering and being crucified.
But it’s in community and faithfulness to Jesus Christ that we grow.
40% of the world is involved in persecution on the basis of faith.
But what could be more amazing than bringing people into relationship with the Living God?
We are seeing a decline in the Church and its viability financially. But we are in an era when we are post denominational. People come to faith in Christ, not to a particular denomination!
++Justin quote Bonhoeffer “The ultimate question for a responsible man to ask is not how he is to extricate himself heroically from the affair, but how the coming generation shall continue to live.”
We need to pray! Pray on our own, pray with others, be prayed for. In prayer we reimagine the the Church and God reforms us in His image.
We need to prepare for war, and prayer is at the heart of that.
Assurance of salvation leaves us free from worldly restrictions and frees us to change the world!
There is nothing wrong with dreaming if we dream in the Spirit of Christ.
We need to witness Christ to the world. We don’t need to have all the answers to the hard questions on the world, but we can know the One who does!
We are told the story of Nguyễn Văn Thuận. Apparently, when he was arrested and thrown in prison he was known for laughing most of the time, apart from when he prayed. He was also responsible for converting his torturer, which led to his torturer being thrown in prison with him!
We need to challenge and be challenging, to tell our story. If it’s not all about Jesus then it’s all a waste of time!
We need to train, know the weaponry and recruit the troops and then we head into battle for Christ!

We then have a Q&A session where ++Justin is asked questions about his faith and faith journey. There are too many things to write on the questions and his answers, I will try and copy it down from the #YC14 feed on Twitter later. But the hub of the serious Q&As is that everything must come from prayer.


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